One of the most common replacement parts purchased by homeowners are pressure washer spray guns.

The highly pressurized stream of water constantly moving through the spray gun causes wear and breakdown. And, over time, engaging and disengaging the trigger lock can cause spray gun failure.

pressure washer spray guns

Unfortunately, pressure washer manufacturers just don't provide high quality spray guns on their new units. I'm always disappointed to see the flimsy, light-weight spray guns that are routinely outfitted on new pressure washers. I know, from years of experience, that the new owner will most likely need to replace the spray gun within a season or two.

So, until most of the popular pressure washer manufacturers do a better job of including higher quality spray guns with their equipment, we homeowners will need to replace them - sooner or later.

pressure washer spray guns

My advice? When you need to replace your spray gun, get a commerical or professional spray gun! It will last much, much longer than the ones designed for residential use, it will perform better and it feels so much better in your hand.

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