Where to Find Pressure Washer Replacement Tires or Wheels

I love using my pressure washer, but when I had a bad tire, I quickly found out that finding an economical, but good quality, replacement tire or wheel can be frustrating. Really.

So, you can check out my #1 pressure washer replacement tire recommendation: the Marathon Flat Free Tire on Amazon. Finally, a pressure washer replacement tire that will never go flat!

This Marathon replacement tire is made of solid polyurethane foam with will not go flat - or make ugly back marks on your surfaces. It has a 2.25" offset hub and it's availble with either 3/4" or 5/8" bearings.

And you can see Amazon's price on the Marathon Flat Free replacement tire.

All the big box stores in my area seemed to want me to buy a whole new pressure washer - instead of just selling me an inexpensive replacement tire! Most pressure washers need a 10" or 13" replacement tire/wheel assembly, with 3/4" bushings (bearings). (I've seen a few models that use 5/8" bearings, but these are really rare.)

The 10" tire with 3/4" bearings is the most popular.

But if you have a larger pressure washer, say 6.5HP+, you might need 13" wheels. With larger pressure washers, you have more weight, and a bigger frame, so you need bigger tires.

Your owners manual, or a tape measure, will quickly tell you which sizes you need.

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