Best Pressure Washer Tools & Accessories on the Market

Over the last few years, many new pressure washer tools and accessories have been introduced on the market. Using these new attachments and tools, you can tackle just about any outdoor cleaning job you might have. You can use pressure washer cleaning tools on both gas and electric powered pressure washers.)

A rotary nozzle is one of the most popular pressure washer tools sold to homeowners. A rotary nozzle produces a circular spray pattern that rotates - and has increased PSI. You'll be able to easily remove just about any kind of stain, grease, mold, mildew and more!

And you can see my #1 recommendation for a rotary nozzle: the Briggs & Stratton Quick Connect Nozzle on Amazon.

A water broom is a great tool to use to clean large areas like driveways, pools, tennis courts, patio's, swimming pools, etc., very quickly. Inexpensive too!

And you can see my #1 recommended water broom: the BE Pressure 85.400.061 Water Broom on Amazon!

It has a 1/4" quick connect plug, made of steel and is a generous 16" wide so you can do less passes.

You can check Amazon's price on the BE Pressure Water Broom.

whirl a way flat surface cleaner whirlaway

A flat surface cleaner is a great accessory to have. It attaches to the end of your extension pole or regular wand and it can clean both flat surfaces like walkways, patio's, bricks, driveways, etc. AND it be used to clean vertical surfaces like walls and siding.

I highly recommend the Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner on Amazon. It'll get your cleaning jobs done FOUR times faster than with a regular spray nozzle! No wonder pro's swear by flat surface cleaners.

The Yamaha Flat Surface cleaner attaches quickly to your wand and won't leave annoying zebra stripes on asphalt, concrete, etc.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Yamaha Flat Surface Cleaner.

An extension pole or telescoping wand is exactly what you need for cleaning hard-to-reach places like second stories, gutters, roofs, RV's, etc.

gutter cleaner pressure washer gutter cleaning

Never hire a pro again! This gutter cleaning tool cleans perfectly! And it's an inexpensive tool, too.

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