Replacement Pressure Washer Wheel

No doubt about it, when you need to replace your pressure washer wheel, you really need to replace it fast!

There are a few things that can make a tire go bad: age, dry-rot or a puncture.

It's a pain - and almost impossible - to use your pressure washer without good tires that allow you to move it around.

So, you can check out my #1 pressure washer replacement tire recommendation: the Marathon Flat Free Tire on Amazon. Finally, a pressure washer replacement tire that will never go flat!

This Marathon replacement tire is made of solid polyurethane foam with will not go flat - or make ugly back marks on your surfaces. It has a 2.25" offset hub and it's availble with either 3/4" or 5/8" bearings.

And you can see Amazon's price on the Marathon Flat Free replacement tire.

I found out, the hard way, that when you need to replace your tire, finding one can be a real pain. It's very frustrating! That's why I wanted to share my best replacement wheel, above.

It seems like all the pressure washer manufacturers would rather sell you a new, complete pressure washer, rather than sell you a replacement for your worn-out wheel.

Most pressure washer models on the market use 10" tires with 3/4" bushings. Some of the heavier, commerical units use 13" tires with 3/4" bushing. Your owners manual will tell you the size of your tires, or you can just measure them.

Good luck & Happy Pressure Washing!

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