Changing Your Pump Oil

As I always say, the pump is the heart of your pressure washer. You need to take care of your pump, and change your pump oil on time, in order to get the most out of your pressure washer investment.

pressure washer pump oil

And you can see the pressure washer pump oil that I highly recommend: Briggs and Stratton pump oil on Amazon.

Making sure you have good lubrication is the absolute easiest and best preventative maintenance you can give your pump!

If your pressure washer is new, most manufacturers recommend that you change your pump oil within the first 15-20 hours, or after 3 months, whichever comes first. After that, I would recommend changing it every 200 hours, or at least once a year. Personally, I change mine a little more often since I use my pressure washer frequently.

And don't forget to add a pump oil antifreeze, to your pump, before you put it away in winter storage.

I highly recommend this Briggs and Stratton pump oil on Amazon. Why? Because it's a quality synthetic oil specially formulated for pressure washers. And it's also pre-measured for you pump oil tank, so you won't overfill. Or waste anything. And it's Made in the USA.

Don't forget, you can't use regular oil in your pressure washer!

And you can check Amazon's price on the Briggs & Stratton pressure washer pump oil.

If you have a pump like mine, you can check your pump oil level by simply looking in the window (sight glass) on the side of the pump. You’ll see a red dot on the oil pump window, indicating that you should fill the pump oil only half-way to the red dot. Never over-fill pump oil!

axial cam pressure washer pump

Of course, if your pump oil looks milky, change it! Your owners manual should give you good instructions and make recommendations on pump oil.

Do NOT use engine or motor oil in your pump! You’ll quickly ruin your pump.

Only use pump oil that’s specifically formulated for use in a pressure washer. The pressure washer pump oil that you choose should be non-detergent and non-foaming with anti-rust inhibitors.

If you're having problems with your pump, check out my replacement and repair tips at the Pump Replacement and Repair page.

If you need repair and servicing for your pressure washer, here's my handy list of authorized and local repair centers.

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