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Cost to Rent
Pressure Washers

Are you wondering what the cost would be to rent pressure washer - or if you should buy one instead?

rent pressure washer

You've come to the right page! This page is devoted to telling you what the cost of renting a pressure washer is -- or help you decide if you'd be better to off to buy one instead! The choice is yours - but I'll give you the information to help you make the best choice for you & your budget!

Cost to Rent a Pressure Washer

I live in Pennsylvania and anyone can rent a good gas pressure washer for a half day, for $60 to $70. This quoted price is from an independent rental store.

And, at my local Home Depot, they also have a rental center, and I can rent a 2000PSI gas unit for $50 for 4 hours. Or for $72 for the whole day.

And don't forget, you'd need to leave a $100 or $150 refundable security deposit at any rental shop.

Because there have been many recent improvements in the design & manufacturing of pressure washers, the cost of buying a new, quality gas or electric pressure washer has greatly decreased. They have better engines, stronger pumps and the internet lets you shop around for the most competitive price.

Now an average homeowner can purchase their own electric or gas pressure washer starting at only $139.00 - or less!

My Recommendation? Buying your own unit is a better value than renting one! You will save time & money in the long run and you'll always have your equipment ready to use!

If you want to look at some quality & economical pressure washers, take a look at my top picks:

Click here for my Top Electric Pressure Washers for homeowners!

Click here for my Top Gas Pressure Washers for homeowners!

Now you have all the information you need to decide whether to buy or rent pressure washer!

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