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 Repair Pressure Washer Pumps Tips

Should you repair pressure washer pumps or replace them? Read my pro tips to help you decide which is best for you - and how to get it done!

You should know that you can pick up a high quality pressure washer replacement pump for $100 or less! And most pumps can be taken off & replaced by just using removing 3 or 4 bolts. It's that easy! Replacing your pressure washer pump is a very easy & economical choice.

You can check out my #1 top recommended pressure washer replacement pump: the Generac universal pump. Because it's a quality universal pump, it can be used on ANY gas pressure washer brand washer! And you can see Amazon's price on this Generac universal replacement pump.

Let's quickly review the top reasons pressure washer pumps fail - and how to easily fix them:

Have you checked your water source? You might be surprised how often pressure washer pump problems are simply due to dirty or insufficient water going into the unit! Make sure your unit is turned off, then check your filter screens, which are next to the intake valve. If your filters are clogged with dirt, silt, leave, etc, your water flow will lessen. Or stop. And that will cause pump problems. Eventually, it could burn up your pump. 

It sounds simple, but double-check to make sure your garden hose is not kinked! A kinked hose will cause immediate pump problems!

Then check your pump oil level. Really, you should check your oiil level before you turn it on. If it's low, top it off before you start your power washer. And don't forget to change your pump oil as often as your owners manual recommends.

Ok, if you've tried these things, and your pump is still not working, read my next section:

Repair Pressure Washer Pumps or Replace Them?

pressure washer pump repair

Now matter how much care you take, pressure washer pumps will eventually breakdown or wear out.

Let's talk about the different types of power washer pumps on the market - and whether its better to repair or replace them:

The most common type of pump available on electric pressure washers and very economical gas units is the wobble pump. If you do have a wobble pump, unfortunately, you'll need to replace your entire washer. Wobble pumps are not designed to be replaced. A completely new unit is your only option.

Or do you have an axial cam pump? They're found on almost all quality gas pressure washers. If you do have an axial pump, you can choose between repairing your pressure washer pump or replacing it.

From my experience, most axial cam pump repair jobs require at least 2 hours of shop labor, plus parts too. As you can see, repair pressure washer pumps can get expensive.

But, if you're mechanically inclined and you have a few extra hours, you could try your own pump repair. You might have noticed that there are a lot of websites out there that sell parts. Just be sure to remember your existing pump specs (PSI, GPM, etc) with the replacement parts specs.

But if you don't have the extra time or you're not a mechanic, axial cam pump repair is not something that I'd recommend.  

I really think that the best choice for most consumers is to simply replace the broken axial cam pump. It may sound like a big project, but, I promise, it's really very easy. And you'll save a lot of money!

Seriously, most pressure washer axial cam pumps can easily be removed by just unbolting them. That's it! I have a Comet pump on my Honda gas powered pressure washer & I only have to remove four small bolts to remove the entire pump assembly from the frame. Then it’s only a matter of bolting on the new replacement pump.  

But first, before you buy any replacement pump, make sure your match up your existing specs (PSI, GPM, etc) to the specs of the new pump! You can click here to look at my reviews of the Best Replacement Pumps on the market - to save yourself time & money.

Once you get your new replacement pump, you'll need to get out your wrench. You'll need to unbolt your old pump from the frame. Then you'll need

Then get out your wrench and unbolt the old pump. Then take your replacement pump out and match up its mounting holes to the frame and tighten the bolts.

Yes, you CAN replace the axial cam pump yourself and you'll give new life to your pressure washer! And you'll save money by doing it yourself.

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