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 Replacement Pressure Washer Pumps 101

If you're considering replacement pressure washer pumps - or repairing the pump you have - this page is for you! My tips will guide you through deciding when it's time to repair or replace - including instructions on how to easily change out a pump.  

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What type of pump do you have? 

Is your pump not working? Now matter how careful you are, a pump will eventually wear out or breakdown. And when it stops working, it's frustrating.

So, to get you up & running again, let's briefly review the three main types of pumps on pressure washers - and I'll tell you which ones can be replaced --- or can't be replaced.

Do you have a small & handy electric pressure washer? Do you have a Karcher or another similar electric pressure washer brand? Yes, they are popular units and they are outfitted with a wobble pump.

Unfortunately, wobble pumps are not made to be replaced and you'll have to replace your entire power washer. I'm sorry but you can't replace any wobble pumps and a completely new pressure washer is your only option if you're having pump failure. 

(Of course, if your Karcher unit is still under the manufacturers warranty, you have an option. Karcher gives a one year limited warranty, from the date of purchase. My Karcher Warranty & Repair page tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your Karcher unit repaired or replaced while it's under warranty.)

Do you have a gas or electric pressure washer with an axial cam pump? Great. Then repair or replacement is definitely an option for you. At the bottom of this page, I'll review when it's better to repair or replace an axial cam pump.

Do you have a high-end, contractor level pressure washer? Did your unit cost more than $900.00? You most likely have a triplex pump. These are heavy-duty pumps that have the longest life expectancy, with the highest price tag. And yes, triplex pumps can be easily replaced or repaired.  

Should You Buy Replacement Pressure Washer Pumps - or Repair Them?

If you have an axial cam pump or a triplex pump then repair or replacement are options you can & should consider.

If you're thinking about getting a repair at a local shop, please keep in mind that most pump repairs involve at least 2 hours of labor, plus parts. Yes, pump repair at a local service shop can get expensive! So, you have the balance the cost of the repair against the cost of a new pump. If the repairs that you are quoted are going to cost you $190.00 and you know you can get a replacement pump for $225.00, I think you should think about just switching out the old pump for a new one.  But if a replacement pump on your heavy-duty pressure washer would cost $700.00, and you think the pump still has some life in it, you might want to go for the $225.00 repairs instead.

But, if you're really mechanically inclined and you have a few extra hours, you could do the repair job yourself. Your owners manual is a great source for part numbers. And with the internet, you can find just about any part you need, very quickly.

I'm not a mechanic, but I have found that installing replacement pressure washer pumps is a relatively easy project! And I saved a lot of money by doing it myself.  Here's how:

Really, most axial cam and triplex pumps can be easily removed from the pressure washer cart by just unbolting them. I have a Comet pump on my Honda gas washer and I only have to take off four small bolts to pull the entire pump from the frame. Then, it was only a matter matching up the mounting holes, bolting it on & hooking up the new replacement pressure washer pump. 

If you want to replace your pump yourself, always check your owners manual first. Find out the exact specs of your pump: PSI, GPM, etc. When you shop around, always match the replacement pressure washer pumps specs with the specs of your existing pump!

I hope my tips helped you decide whether to replace or repair your pump - to save you time & money!


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