When to Use a Rotating Brush

rotary brush for pressure washing

A rotating brush is a handy accessory that’s best suited for washing cars, windows, boats, RV’s, ATV’s, etc. Also, I recently discovered that it works well for heavy-duty outdoor furniture too!

Easily attached to the end of your spray wand, the pressurized water enters the main compartment and forces the bristles to spin, giving you extra scrubbing power.

Most of the bristles are made of flexible PVC or nylon, to help prevent scratching or marking.

This hand-held scrubbing tool works with a low pressure stream, which enables you to use your low pressure soap injector with the brush. You’ll get lots of suds and cleaning power.

Please remember that this tool works within certain minimums and maximums for PSI, GPM, etc., So read the specifications carefully to make sure it will work with your specific pressure washer model.

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