Spray Gun and Wand 101

spray gun and wand for pressure washers

It's simple, really. New pressure washers are equipped with a spray gun & wand that attaches to the high pressure hose. Quick connect fittings are commonly used.

Water is forced up the high pressure hose, through the spray gun that's activated by a trigger, through the wand, and through the spray nozzle at the tip of the wand.

The best spray guns are equipped with a trigger lock that will allow you to spray continuously without fatiguing your hand. This is a very handy feature and it's one that you'll appreciate as you clean bigger projects. Trust me, your hand can get tired.

If you use your pressure washer frequently, you might reach the point where you need to replace your spray gun or wand. (Spray guns and wands can be purchased together or separately.)

I would encourage you to buy a commerical quality spray gun or wand since they last so much longer, perform very well & feel so much better in your hand.

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