What's a Water Broom?

It's great pressure washing tool that attaches to the end of your spray wand and divides your stream of pressurized water into smaller streams, creating a wide cleaning swath. It will save you time & effort!

And you can see my #1 recommended water broom: the BE Pressure 85.400.061 Water Broom on Amazon!

It has a 1/4" quick connect plug, made of steel and is a generous 16" wide so you can do less passes.

You can check Amazon's price on the BE Pressure Water Broom.

A water broom makes cleaning very large & flat surfaces like concrete and asphalt driveways, patios, parking lots, boat ramps, tennis courts, etc., much easier & faster.

For example, a typical driveway of 400 sq. ft. will take about 80 minutes to clean with a regular spray nozzle. But it can be cleaned in only 30 minutes using a water broom!

Widths vary from 12” wide with 3 nozzles, up to 36” wide with 7 nozzles. For homeowner cleaning projects, I recommend getting a 16” wide model with 4 nozzles! You’ll clean quickly while still maintaining an effective pressure stream from each nozzle.

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