What's a Whirl-a-Way and How Can I Use it?

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A Whirl-a-Way is a great new pressure washer cleaning accessory that's available as a small unit that can be mounted on the end of a spray gun ---- or on an extension pole to clean horizontal or vertical flat surfaces. Whirl-a-ways are also available as a walk-behind unit for really large areas.

whirl a way, whirl-a-way

You can clean driveways, walls, vinyl siding, asphalt, concrete, pools, tennis courts, ramps, etc. with a Whirl-a-Way. (The smaller Whirl-a-Way units clean vertical surfaces.)

In fact, Whirl-A-Ways clean even faster than water brooms.

For example, cleaning the typical driveway of 400 sq. ft. will take 80 minutes using a spray nozzle, 30 minutes using a water broom and only 10 minutes using a Whirl-A-Way flat surface cleaner!

Inside the circular, plastic cover of the surface cleaner, you will find rotary cleaning arms that spin from the force of the pressurized water that is ejected out from the end of the arms. This rotary motion creates the fast scrubbing action that Whirl-A-Ways are famous for.

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